Videos by Joey D

My videos were shot a very long time ago. Long before 4k resolution was even possible, these are shot in 720 resolution hence the poor quality. Same goes for the audio. The equipment I had was primative compared to today.

Joey D

Featured Video

The Secret – Copyright 2009

Featuring Joe DiDomenico, Steve Hall and Shelly Hall

This is really the only video we made and while it’s not polished, we had fun making it.  If you close you’ll see I actually have braces on my teeth and yes I sang the tracks with braces!

The video was shot during some of the recording sessions for The Apple. The audio is from an early mix. The CD contains a better version.

My dear friends Steve Hall and Shelly Hall are also in the video. Steve plays the amazing lead on this song while Shelly sings harmony.

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Really Old Videos

Videos shot between 2006 and 2007 and are jam sessions with my nephew Jeff where we lived down on the farm.